A personalized, safe, useful and effective labeling service.

The labeling of Sicilia Verde plants can prove to be a key factor in contributing positively to the purchase decision at the point of sale.
A very valuable element especially in the case of a novice buyer or who is not sufficiently informed about the plant he is buying.
The labeling is carried out with care and does not damage in any way the state of health of the plant.
The Sicilia Verde label, in addition to giving the plant an even more appealing appearance, improves the general purchasing experience, reporting useful information for the care and well-being of the plant and further arguments to support the sale.
Furthermore, upon request it is possible to integrate the information on the label with a barcode supplied by the customer.


Further features and advantages of the labeling service provided by Sicilia Verde:

  • Labels resistant to rain and other atmospheric agents, particularly suitable for plants periodically exposed to irrigation and in continuous contact with the open air.

  • Readable labels, to allow the buyer to easily acquire all the information he deems necessary, such as the scientific name of the plants, their origin, the type of irrigation or recommended sun exposure.

  • Useful labels that can be stored by the buyer, as they provide valuable information for the maintenance and care of the plants and practical advice on the treatments to be performed to keep the plants in perfect health.