Why choose citrus plants and ornamental olive trees from Sicilia Verde:

  • Plants with flowers or fruits, which meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, especially in the case of species and varieties more difficult to grow such as lemon.

  • Plants treated and protected, which have not undergone abrupt climatic variations because mitigated by greenhouses and anti-hail nets, carefully packaged and shipped on board air-conditioned trucks.

  • Selected plants with homogeneous characteristics, chosen after rigorous controls even in the case of large quantities of plants.

  • Cutting-edge plants that meet the latest and highest quality standards, the result of a company attitude aimed at continuous innovation in the sector.

  • Plants with edible fruits.

  • Assorted plants, to choose between 14 species and over 40 varieties of citrus and ornamental olive trees. The widest selection that can be found in Sicily.

  • Timely plants throughout Europe, thanks to the two sites of Terme Vigliatore and Albenga, and to an efficient, fast and reactive logistics, even in the case of large quantities of plants.

  • Plants guaranteed, produced by a company with over 30 years of activity in the field of nursery gardening and in particular in the production of citrus plants and ornamental olive trees.

  • Plants born and grown in Sicily, a land where citrus and olive trees have been cultivated for centuries, favoring the sedimentation and selection of knowledge and good practices that today are the exclusive property of Sicilian nursery gardening.