Discovering Sicilia Verde di Giambò

Our journey starts from the main headquarters of Sicilia Verde in Terme Vigliatore, in the province of Messina, along the north-eastern coast of Sicily that between Capo Tindari and Capo Milazzo looks to the Aeolian Islands. An area characterized by an ideal microclimate for Mediterranean plants and which has always been devoted to the cultivation of citrus and ornamental olive trees.
In addition to the headquarters of Terme Vigliatore, Sicilia Verde has a second office in Albenga, in the province of Savona, one of the most important flower nurseries in Italy and from the point of view of logistics, a location closer to the markets of northern Italy and Europe.

Every day the maximum splendor

In Sicilia Verde you work daily to complete a process of care and attention that begins more than a year before, and which aims to bring the plants of citrus and olive trees to the condition of maximum splendor, ideal for their marketing.
Behind every citrus or ornamental olive tree there is a precious and much less obvious work than one can imagine. An activity that Sicilia Verde follows in every phase and in the smallest details, from the production to the delivery of the plants to the customer, passing through the control of the aesthetic and biological conditions, the packaging, the packing and the shipment with air-conditioned trucks.


Passion and research certified

In over 30 years of experience, thanks to the passion for ornamental plants and the continuous research and experimentation activities, Sicilia Verde has refined ancient and new cultivation techniques, always respecting the certification protocols and the highest quality standards. A job that has enabled it not only to satisfy new market demands but also to anticipate them. Sicilia Verde is one of the first and few companies in Italy to have reached the quality standard of the edible fruit, and to have received in 2017 the certification "MPS - Fruit & Vegetables".